Mothers Touch Cleaning Service - Let us give your home or office the Mothers Touch it deserves!
    We perform a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and needs. A brief description of some of our services are listed below.If the service your looking for is not listed, please call us and we will be happy to accommodate you. Please call or email for more information on service, current promotions and custom options.

  Call for a free estimate or a copy of our deep cleaning checklist!
Residential Homes-Entire House or Precise Clean, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly Service. One Time Cleanings. Deep Clean & General Cleans.
Apartments-Breezeways, Hallways, Offices,Laundry Rooms, Clubhouse
Condos-Entire condo or Specific Clean
Town homes-Entire Town home or Specific Clean
Offices-Detailed or Tailor Clean, Trash, Baths,Windows, Kitchen, Mini Appliances, Dusting, Vacuuming, mopping, Entry way, Lobbies
Rental Properties-Full Tenant Deep clean, Construction clean Up
Move Ins & Outs-Detailed Deep clean, Trash Outs, Resident Ready
Construction Clean Ups-Trash Outs, Paint Removal, Carpet removal, Drywall and Putty Removal, Grout Clean
          All Natural Go-Green Products available upon request
*Vacuuming-trim,furniture,corners,cobwebs,door tracks, window seals
*Dusting-remove everything & dust every item,faux plants,behind all furniture, fireplaces,top of cabinets
*Windows- Ledges, Blinds & Frames,Inside, window tracks
*Baseboards-Dusted and Wiped Clean
*Light Fixtures-Dusted, Wiped Clean, Globes & Coverings removed and Washed, Ceiling fan blades
*Kitchen-Appliances-Inside and Outside, Cupboards, Cabinets, Dishes,Counter tops,Ceramic or porcelain stove tops, Islands, All counter top appliances, Sanitization
*Bathrooms-Sanitized,Soap Scum Removal & Treatment, Showers, Shower door, Tub, Sink, Cabinets, Toilet and toilet basin, All plumbing fixtures, towel and toilet paper racks, vanities, baseboards and trim, hand scrubbed floors
*Doors and Door trims-free of dirt and hand prints
*Heat & Return Air Vents Cleaned
*Pet Hair removal from furniture
*Wood Floors, Laminates, Tile, Marble, Stained Concrete, Tarazil-Swept, Steamed, Polished or Mopped
*And Much Much More

No area goes untouched. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall with our deep cleans.
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